kuiperbelt S1
Sport Utility e-Bike.
The cross-over experience
for life-lovers who ebike.

Make every mission count.

Through years of cycling and passion for creation, we have developed a formula that inspires and guides our product and service design processes.

Based on missions - tasks, events or projects that people need to accomplish in life, we design bikes and accessories as a system, so that they can work together as solutions for the mission possible.

We curate the lifestyle.
You ride with joie de vivre.

We take a different approach towards e-biking. With modularized design, our e-bikes and accessories are engineered with functionality, practicality and unique aesthetics for the passionate explorers.

Transform your e-bike.
When it fits. As it fits.

Imagine the unlimited possibilities our wide array of accessories that can empower you to accomplish different tasks in life - no matter it's carrying kids, moving goods, going for picnicking or sports.

If you are as excited as we are in sharing the excitement of a different kind of e-bike experience to more riders, we'd be happy to discuss!

Bring the freedom and excitement to all.